Jul 302016


House of Alice – Living Room

I switched gears a few months back and have been focusing on developing for Virtual Reality and the HTC Vive. It has been a ton of fun digging deeper into Unity and sharpening up my C# skills. After attending a few hack-a-thon events in Seattle, focused around VR, my wife and I decided we should work on developing an Indie VR game for the HTC Vive. We recently were able to release that game on the Steam Store in their early access section for the Vive. It has been a ton of fun and we are still working towards full release in September.

The game titled House of Alice is an escape into an Architectural Digest-like designed home. All the dishes are done, there’s no clutter, and everything has its place. You can take a moment and pause to drink in all the beauty and peace. Or, you can pick up a perfectly placed antique candlestick and throw it across the room. Once you teleport in the game you’ll have a hard time not being able to teleport in real life.
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