Owner Xandon Frogget lives in Seattle with his wife and twins.

To contact: xandon@daddiorobotics.com

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  1. Xandon, you are so cool! 🙂

  2. I love the stroller kit idea. Any chance you might release an open source version of your kit for hackers to get something started?

    • I really do want to take the code for Warp and the Mechanized Stroller Open Source. I am trying to figure out what license will work best and how to properly share it, so that it can be expanded upon by the community and made better. At the same time I have some pieces that I want to get ironed out properly before I open them up.

  3. This sounds so amazing! I have a client who has MS and can no longer use her hands to propell her electric wheel chair. Can her chair be upgraded to include your robotics?

    • Thank you! We are working very hard to make this a reality and a safe option to help many people. We are also looking for partners, friends and mentors to help us make a difference. From the beginning of this design it has been my personal goal to make it an easy non-destuctive add on to almost any electric wheelchair. There is much to be done and many hurdles to overcome. We are working on the proof-of-concept/prototype phase. If you know of anyone, or have direct interest yourself on helping move this technology forward let me know.

  4. What do you mean by “help… move this technology along” in your reply? Are you talking about funding? Perhaps my client would be willing to allow you to adapt her wheelchair. Can you do that?

    • Very much so – funding is one of many things needed to make a project like this move forward, but it is not the only way. Keep in mind however that we are still working on a prototype/proof of concept and that it is not ready for testing. Once we finish the POC it can then be taken to the next phase and will require a much larger campaign to get it to a product state (if it is viable). Spreading the word and encouraging interest is where I am at presently. I am holding off on the official announcement until the POC is ready for presentation and I feel it is ready to move forward with that campaign. My strengths are not the greatest at managing the public relations part of the process and so I am eager to meet people who would be interested in making this type of product happen. If your friend is interested in seeing it, or providing some insight into the problem, I would be happy to meet her. The additional input is extremely helpful in understanding what problems can be addressed and solved with this type of solution, as well as addressing user interface concepts. Contact me at xandon@daddiorobotics.com if you want to set something up.

  5. Hi Xandon 🙂 We love your design and product! We are young parents of 5 and are looking for a stroller with a motor just to ease pushing chubby kids up hills 🙂 We don’t want anything complex, basically just the motor part that makes teh wheels turn without much effort on our part…Do you have something like that or would you be interested in helping us create one? Thanks!

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