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Mechanized baby stroller kit now available!

Robotic Stroller Conversion Kit Now Available for Purchase

For those of you who have the all-terrain strollers, now there is an easy way to turn your stroller into an autonomous robot. Purchase Xandon Frogget’s kit and within an estimated 20 minutes, you can convert your stroller into a robot that will drive autonomously. Or you can put it in ARAS mode and let the “autonomous robot assisted steering” drive itself around and avoid obstacles. This kit is intended for geek moms, dads or anyone looking for a solid platform for learning and discovering robotics.

There are three kit configurations for sale: Basic, Medium, and Complete Kit. The basic kit starts with all the hardware you need including either a Kinect or ASUS Xtion Pro but the buyer must provide the laptop/netbook and the stroller. The Medium is all the hardware including either a Kinect or ASUS Xtion Pro and a Netbook, but the purchaser provides the stroller. The complete kit includes all the hardware, the netbook, and the stroller. The kits are expected to retail for $2,500 – $3,500, depending on the configuration.

The kit connects easily to most jogging strollers that are similar to the BOB Jogging Stroller and does not require any destructive modification. When you are done playing, you can return the stroller to its original configuration unharmed.

The wheelchair motors are rated for up to 300lbs, in case you need to use it as a porter to replace your Sherpa. And did we mention it is so quiet and that you can drive it around the house at night while everyone is sleeping?

In the demo video, Frogget is using a rooted NookColor to control the interface, showing off some of the unlimited possibilities. The sample code is written in Processing and can be modified easily so that any hackable device can steer it including a smart phone or Wii remote with Wii Wheel. Using software like Apple’s FaceTime or Google+ video chat, the robot can be teleoperated and provide a telepresence for grandparents everywhere, including the zoo.

The robotics stroller conversion kits will be built-to-order beginning mid October 2012. Please contact for purchases or inquiries.

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  1. I run a daycare and have a wonderful stroller for six the problem is with all the kids weight and the weight of the stroller its hard to push for long walks. Can you use this on any stroller? do you have a kit that can change the way the tires are on the frame so they pivot like the stroller in the video ? Hopefully you solve my problems.


    • Thanks for your interest!

      The Mechanized Stroller kit was specifically designed to use off the shelf parts to modify the Bob single or Duali Jogging Stroller, and turn it into a robot testing platform. It is not intended for actual child transport, it’s real intent is to provide a reliable and rugged robot platform for building and testing software. The things I used in the video to allow my girls to drive it around with the Wii Steering wheel and Nook Color were added for fun.

  2. Hi, are the kits still available?

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