Oct 262012

I needed some running lights for a robot I have been working on; Brake lights, Turn signals, accessory lights etc. After reading an article the other day on how to make your own infinity mirror, I got the idea to use it on the robot and give a depth effect to the lighting system. I made up a prototype to be sure the effect would be easy to reproduce and look nice. I then spent several hours cutting and creating the aluminum housing, sandwiching a row of 11mm addressable RGB LED’s between a mirror (on the back) and a one way mirror (on the front). I ended up with these four corner lights for the robot. There is still some finishing work to do before mounting them, but the infinity mirror effect looks very nice I think. Mostly the lights will be used to display status and movement intent and will be greatly subdued so as to not look like a Vegas show. Of course there is always robot party mode where the robot plays disco and creates an interactive piano on the bed for little girls to jump around.

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